2016 Starting a Business – Augusta – November

The Entrepreneur with 1000 Faces: A Formula for Success

  • Posted by Ashley Panter
  • On August 15, 2016
The entrepreneurial process can be mapped according to the same story formula that Hollywood uses in our favorite epic films.  The formula comes from a model called the Hero’s Journey, which was developed by writer, professor, and mythologist Joseph Campbell.  In his book, The Hero with a Thousand Faces, he analyzed thousands of stories, myths, […]
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Is My Product Exportable?

  • Posted by Helen Sutherland
  • On August 12, 2016
In reference to the futility of trying to close a business deal, you may have heard the expression “This is like trying to sell sand to the Middle East.” Well as a matter of fact, the U.S. does sell sand to the Middle East. Almost any product is in demand beyond the borders of the […]
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2016 Hiring to Win

  • Posted by Ashley Panter
  • On August 9, 2016
Join UGA SBDC in Rome on August 9, 2016 and learn if you've hired a Wolf in Sheep’s clothing or Superman in disguise.
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Maximum Service – Fitzgerald, GA.

  • Posted by Nathan Arnold
  • On August 4, 2016
Maximum Service is an interactive 5 part program that will help you develop and implement an outstanding customer service program.  Learn fresh ideas to differentiate your business, add value, and create profitable relationships with your customers.   Great customer care is the lifeline for any small business. Offer a top quality product or service without […]
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