Guiding Principles


To enhance the economic well-being of Georgians by providing a wide range of educational services for small business owners and aspiring entrepreneurs.


To be recognized for excellence and championed by clients and stakeholders.


Be authentic: We value honesty and integrity above all else. These values will apply to everyone with whom we interact and to whom we are obliged. We aim to earn the respect of our clients and stakeholders and to be known as “trusted advisors.”

Deliver Quality: Our greatest assets are the competency, knowledge and professionalism of our workforce. With strict employment qualifications and internal training standards, the Georgia SBDC Network earns the reputation of a “credible resource.”

Exude Passion: Life as an SBDC Consultant is truly a calling, as it is our ambition to help others. We continue to challenge ourselves to bring innovative services to the market that will help our clients reach their goals. We seek personal growth and fulfillment in serving others and aiding in their success.

Make a Difference: The education we provide shows positive impacts at the business level and at the level of the state economy. As a public service, we must ensure that we are working to meet the needs of the Small Business market within the framework of our national origins as set by the U.S. Congress, as well as within our own mission, vision, and these values.

Established March, 2012


Application of Guiding Principles

“Expertise for Entrepreneurs”

We make certain that the culmination of all our efforts is focusing on our clients:  Georgia’s entrepreneurs.  As the sophistication of the marketplace increases, we refine our target markets so that we are serving those whom we can best help.   We create new products and services that are suited to the needs of our clients.  We hire, train, and monitor the performance of individuals so that they have the skills, knowledge, and motivation to deliver products and services in the most effective manner.

“Help Georgia Businesses Grow”

We have a thorough understanding of clients’ business needs and an obvious caring and passion to help them succeed.  We treat clients, fellow employees, and stakeholders with the respect that earns trust and builds mutual benefit.  We celebrate our clients’ successes and measure their growth in order to exhibit the valuable impact the SBDC has on the national, state, and local economies.

“Public Service Faculty”

Through learning, discovery, and shared responsibility, we educate our clients how to become better business owners.  We adhere to the professional tenets and operating  principles of our university partners, the U.S. Small Business Administration, and the Association of Small Business Development Centers.  We recognize that our numerous roles (citizen, employee, family member, etc.) are inter-related and that proper perspective is needed to achieve the various goals of each role.


Dr. William C. Flewellen, former dean of The University of Georgia College of Business Administration, is primarily responsible for the establishment of the Small Business Development Center (SBDC) not only on The University of Georgia campus, but on university campuses across the nation. The concept for the SBDC program originated when Dr. Flewellen and Reed Powell, dean of the School of Business at California State Polytechnic University at Pomona were serving on the national advisory council of the Small Business Administration (SBA). The concept was simple: extend university-based knowledge to the small business sector similar to the Agriculture Extension Service. In 1976, the SBA allocated some of its own monies to fund eight pilot programs, one being at The University of Georgia. The success of these pilot programs paved the way for federal funding. Senator Sam Nunn and others provided federal legislative support, and in 1980 President Jimmy Carter signed into law the Small Business Development Center Act. In Georgia, Representative Lauren (Bubba) McDonald championed the SBDC concept. A resolution was passed in January of 1977 by the Georgia General Assembly that directed the Board of Regents to establish The University of Georgia as the coordinating agency for the SBDC. The resolution also permitted the state to fund the SBDC program.


I thought I was doing great, having written a four-page business plan. But it was a joke. After (SBDC consultant) Carol (McDonell) finished advising me, I ended up with a 45-page plan.

- Amanda Rodriguez Crook, owner and founder

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