Bernie Jackie Charles

For answers to your management questions, contact our business consultants for professional individualized consultation. Confidentiality is guaranteed. Our consultants have earned advanced degrees in business or management and have extensive practical experience.

Consultants can help:

  • Develop and update business plans

  • Identify sources of capital

  • Set up record-keeping systems and analyze financial records

  • Identify foreign markets for products or services

  • Conduct specialized research geared to specific needs of the business-owner

  • Create marketing strategies and advertising campaigns

  • Explore suitable ways to conform to government regulations

  • Increase opportunities to sell to federal, state, and local governments

  • Analyze statistical and demographic data

  • Have questions about The Affordable Care Act?
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"We knew all we needed to know as domestic distributors, but we had no direct knowledge of the foreign customer," says Nut Tree Pecan’s Francis "Putt" Wetherbee, who attended the Georgia SBDC’s ExportGA class and found "it was a great experience."

- Francis "Putt" Wetherbee, president