Starting a Business

Deciding whether or not to start a new business can be one of the most difficult decisions a person faces in life. The consequences are widespread, the impact is deep, and the required commitment is immeasurable. People arrive at this crossroad from various points. Some people seem to be “born entrepreneurs” and other people arrive at the crossroad less out of their own choosing. Regardless of the reasons, a decision must be made: jump back in the rat race or strike out on your own. It’s a tough choice, but many people face it every day.

A multitude of issues should be considered before making this important decision so you can feel more confident about the final decision. Entrepreneurship is not for everyone. Success depends not only on personal ambitions and means, but also on external factors beyond a person’s realm of control. 

The FAQs below are focused on topics related to Starting a Business. You may also want to attend an SBDC training program to get more information about Starting a Business. A list of training programs can be found here

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The SBDC StartSmart training program targets the start up entrepreneur or early stage business owner with revenues less than $200,000. This program helps participants develop and evaluate their business model and develop a business plan for entrepreneurial success.

The Start-Up Basics guide is an overview to starting your own business.

Starting a Business
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Duration 50 min

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