Business Planning Bootcamp


This boot camp is for current and potential business owners who need a plan for stability and growth.  Attendees will be able to write a useable and flexible business plan and develop the financials to support it.

Audience members will learn the elements of a business plan and how to use research to improve the success of the plan.  They will feel confident in calculating the needed revenues, additional money, and costs that the business needs.  After completing the program, entrepreneurs will be able to complete their own business plan and financials, using tools they will receive in class.

Writing the Plan

  • Defining the vision, mission and target markets of the business
  • Finding answers and research to support the plan
  • Developing a strategy for success
  • Writing essential elements of a business plan     

Knowing the Numbers

  • Calculating costs to implement the plan
  • Setting realistic pricing that leads to profit
  • Estimating daily operational revenues, costs, expenses, and cash needs
  • Finding the money
  • Creating a one-year budget

COST: $99 (includes lunch)

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