Assistance with the Lending Process Aids Growth of Murray County Manufacturer 

PolyTech Fibers LLC is a minority- and employee-owned manufacturer of recycled polyester staple fiber. Launched in Chatsworth in 2014, it runs three production lines in three plants and employs more than 100 local residents. Its historical revenue growth is more than 10 percent annually.     Polytech is an economic development success and a beacon of […]

Achieving CMMC Level 1 Certification – Basic Cyber Hygiene

Photo by John Salvino on Unsplash

Are you a small business currently fulfilling a Department of Defense (DoD) government contract or do you plan to bid on a contract solicitation in the coming years?  Are you a subcontractor to a larger prime that has secured a DoD contract?  Are you aware of the current cybersecurity requirements expected of DoD contractors and […]

Small Business DoD Contractors – Be Alert, CMMC Has Arrived

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Many reading this post are aware there are significant changes coming for Department of Defense (DoD) contractors (prime or subs) in 2020 and it is essential to be getting ready for these if you intend to continue with existing DoD contracts or obtain new ones.  Currently, DoD allows a business to self-certify compliance to controls […]

Change – Win With It!

Throughout my life there has been one constant factor in my business and sports career and that factor has been change. When I first entered professional football it was quite an adjustment. I had to change my routines and communicate to my new team, especially the snapper and holder, the critical value they bring to the […]