[block_title title=”Clickminded Series”][/block_title]

The Clickminded series covers relevant topics small businesses need to succeed in digital marketing.

These courses are offered at no cost for small business owners, thanks to funding from the CARES Act.

[block_title style=”column_title” title=”A Blueprint to Digital Marketing”][/block_title]
A Blueprint to Digital Marketing Workshop is designed to help the participant tap into the mobile world to learn how to make digital marketing work for their business. Designed for the small business owner to learn to apply effective tactics to build their digital brand, expand their market, and acquire new customers.
[block_title style=”column_title” title=”Pinpoint Marketing”][/block_title]
Social media has changed the way business market their products/services. No longer can we just create a catchy slogan or tag line and hope someone is listening to the radio or tv at the right time. Now, marketing requires a story; but, what is your company’s story? Let us teach you which social media platform is best for your target and how to capture interest by creating story lines allowing customers to know you and choose your business based on your content … all due to your Pinpoint Marketing.
[block_title style=”column_title” title=”Take Your Website from Hero to Zero”][/block_title]
In the increasing digital world, having a website is critical and small businesses are not exempt. The business owner will learn the true function of a website and the four elements that are key to all successful websites.
[block_title style=”column_title” title=”Sight, Sound, Sales: Video Marketing for Small Businesses”][/block_title]
While only 20% of viewers will read the text on a page, 80% will watch a video. Gone are the days when only wealthy marketers with outsourced talent could generate videos to promote their business to get the upper hand. Today’s tools and technologies have made it easier than ever to produce videos for your business to help grow your bottom lines. Lear key considerations and best practices for Video Marketing to help spur your business forward.

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