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A collaborative effort to improve the capacity of small and disadvantaged businesses wanting to pursue contract opportunities with Macon-Bibb County. Specifically, UGA SBDC and Macon-Bibb County authorities jointly agreed that assistance addressing access to capital and procurement issues is the single most important component to improve the capacity of these firms. The UGA SBDC proposes the Macon-Bibb County/ UGA SBDC Contractor Academy as the vehicle to deliver this assistance.

Project Overview

Selection and screening of participating contractor firms will be made by Macon-Bibb County authorities in consultation with UGA SBDC.

The UGA SBDC will provide training to assist these firms as outlined below:

  • Credit Myths and Realities
  • The UGA SBDC Credit School
  • Getting Started
  • Marketing Your Business (Part 1)
  • Marketing Your Business (Part 2)
  • Effective Marketing Tools
  • The Nuts and Bolts
  • Final Considerations

COST: $99
HOURS: 30 (all sessions are 9AM – 3PM = 6/hrs. daily)


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Program Topics:

  • Beauty of the one page Business Plan
  • Teaming Agreements, Strategic Alliances and Joint Ventures
  • Credit Myths and Realities
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Program Topics:

  • Financing: How to Obtain the Financing you may need for your business
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Program Topics:

  • Intro to Govt. Contracting
  • Fundamentals of Navigating SAM and Working with the Govt.
  • Small Business Certifications
  • Fundamentals of Marketing Research:  Using the Internet to find market opportunities)
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Program Topics:

  • How to Create a Great Elevator Speech
  • Writing An Effective Capability Statement
  • Marketing to State and Local Governments
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Program Topics:

  • Preparing Successful Bids and Proposals
  • Getting an Overview of Gov’t Contracts/GSA Schedules and Finding Opportunities