Cracking the Code


The little things that make BIG difference.

Cracking the Code is a full-day program of seminars and panels is designed to take the mystery out of what it takes to build a successful business. This is a rare opportunity for small business owners and employees to learn from experts the not-so-secret recipes that lead to breakthrough performance.

COST: $99.00

Below is a brief overview of what’s included in the program. Be sure to click the agenda button for each locations full agenda.

  • Complimentary Breakfast and Networking Lunch
  • Keynote Address by Allstar Code Cracker
  • Seminar I: Articulating Your Value and Attracting Great Clients
  • Seminar II: The Secret to Better Management: First, Break All the Rules
  • Seminar III: The Art of the Deal
  • Panel Discussion: The ABCs of Code Cracking
  • BIZ-TALK presentations from successful Code Crackers
  • Panel Discussion: Mindset of the Successful Code




KEYNOTE ADDRESS #1: The Secret of Creative Confidence as a Way of Doing Business

  • Jody Espina, Founder, JodyJazz

SEMINAR I: The Secret of Community Engagement as a Marketing Tool

  • Jusak Bernhard & Jeff Manley, Founders,TailsSpin

PANEL DISCCUSION I: The ABC’s of Code Cracking

  • (A)ttorney Edwin Byck of Weiner, Shearouse, Weitz, Greenberg & Shawe, LLP
  • Representative from Renasant (B)ank
  • (C)PA Kay Proctor of Lanier, Westerfield, Deal & Proctor



KEYNOTE ADDRESS #2: The Secret to Keeping Your Passion as the Business Grows

  • Ted Dennard, Founder, Savannah Bee Company

BIZ-TALK: Daniel Dabbs & John Roman, Founders, Battlbox

PANEL DISCUSSION II: Business Owners Who Have Cracked the Code

  • Byron Atkinson, Git-R-Done Director & Founder, Boost by Design
  • Jason Reott, Founder, Georgia Peach World
  • Janine Finn, Co-Founder, Lulu’s Chocolate Empire

SEMINAR II: The Secret to Attracting & Retaining Quality Employees

  • Michelle Smith Lank, Founder, Kid’s World Learning Center


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