DigiCon was a huge success in 2019, and we’re ready to take things to the next level in 2020.  You asked for more, and we’re answering the call!  Here’s what attendees had to say about DigiCon

“Excellent!  Very useful information that I can implement and use immediately!”

“He had me texting my boss – we need to work on this!”

“So much info – – very clear but new to me…wish we had longer or could do 2 days!!!”

“Very well run, easily digested & very practical with real world applications”

The DigiCon Series includes four hands-on workshops that will guide you on how to utilize digital tools and platforms to market your business over the next decade.

Each workshop can be taken individually or join us for the entire series.  Full series attendees will receive a discount.  Each class will be limited to 50 people so that we can provide individual assistance and answer all questions.

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MAR 24, 2020 | 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

With over 167 billion searches performed each month on Google, it’s more important than ever for your business to show up on relevant searches. The quickest way to the top of page 1 is through Google Ads, but there’s so much more to the platform, including Google’s display network of over 2,000,000 websites and apps and remarketing tools.


In this session, you will learn HOW to:

  • Create a keyword-based strategy for advertising on Google
  • Target the right people through Google’s display network, which reaches 90% of internet users
  • Stay in front of people who previously visited your website and create a message that prompts them for a second website visit


JUN 25, 2020 | 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

With the exponential growth of social media platforms, Facebook and Instagram have risen to top priority for a comprehensive social media strategy.  Developing plans for creativity and consistency are critical for success on these platforms.


In this session, you will learn HOW to:

  • Cultivate original and user generated content that resonates with your target audience
  • Develop consistent habits in order to fortify your content machine
  • Develop a manageability mindset to ensure execution of Facebook and Instagram strategies


SEP 10, 2020 | 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

As digital channels like social media continue to dominate, it’s easy to overlook the older, more mature sibling: the eNewsletter. A well designed eNewsletter with messaging that adds value to your clients will improve retention, increase your website traffic and social followers, increase referrals, and much more.


In this session, you will learn HOW to:

  • Strengthen your distribution list
  • Create a content strategy and generate ideas for your eNewsletter
  • Use your eNewsletter as a conversion tool to generate new business


NOV 10, 2020 | 8:30 AM - 12:00 PM

Everything you do in marketing produces insightful and useful data to tell you what’s working and what’s not.  Sometimes it only takes a few minor tweaks to website copy or marketing language to mean the difference between thousands of dollars of revenue.  Google Analytics is the gold standard for tracking your digital marketing activity and as an added bonus, it’s completely free.


In this session, you will learn HOW to:

  • Set up your Google Analytics account correctly to receive the most useful data
  • Identify weaknesses in your site that are costing you leads and sales
  • Find your most valuable referral sources
  • Build recurring reports that automatically give you the specific data you need to make better business decisions