Own Your Mile. Every Door Direct Marketing for Small Business Owners


Small Business Owners have a wide variety of marketing tools to help them build their business, but not all of them are effective or affordable.  Direct Mail campaigns when used in conjunction with other marketing strategies can be very effective for the right type of business.  This two hour workshop will introduce business owners to a marketing tactic known as Every Door Direct Mailers that can be effective and affordable.

COST: $49.00

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Key Takeaways:

Learn when an Every Door Direct Marketing (EDDM) Campaign is appropriate for your business, how to make it work effectively with other marketing tactics, and how to create an effective EDDM campaign at the lowest possible cost with the highest impact.

  • Understand Return on Investment for different marketing tactics
  •  Build your own in house cost effective direct mail campaign
  •  Design an effective post card to attract and engage customers
  •  Leverage assets of SBDC to reach a targeted audience

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