Facebook and the Power of Video


78% of Americans have one or more social media accounts, which means no matter who your customer is they’re probably on social media. In an age of exponential digital and mobile growth, it’s increasingly difficult to grow your business without social in your marketing mix.
There’s no doubt Facebook is King of the social media roost, and that video is the fastest growing type of viral content. But how can your business use video and Facebook to reach customers and make a digital splash? This class is a hands-on, practical guide to getting started with Facebook and video content.

Attendees will receive:

  • An overview of the relative strengths and weaknesses of Facebook
  • An overview of how video can be used to spread your message
  • Tip sheets filled with content ideas
  • A fully operational account with Facebook, and a marketing strategy for your business
  • A free Facebook Cover Image from Cranial Island Studios

COST: $69.00

Additional Info.

Time: 9AM – Noon
Address: 3775 Brookside Pkwy., Alpharetta, GA


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