Get Your Business Ready for the Holidays Webinar


Get started now for the holiday season! Google has teamed up with the Small Business Administration, Facebook, Square, and Constant Contact to help small businesses grow with a free holiday webinar. Register below to receive the link to the webinar within a few days from the UGA SBDC in Athens, The link will no longer be available after November 30th.

*PLEASE NOTE: Once you register for the webinar, you will be re-directed if the submission was successful. You will then receive a link for the live streaming event soon.


Webinar Agenda

Google:  ‘Tis ​the ​Season ​for ​Site ​Optimization: Join ​us ​as ​we ​discuss ​best ​practices ​for ​search ​engine ​optimization ​(SEO). ​In ​this ​segment, you ​will ​learn ​tips ​for ​auditing ​your ​website, ​providing ​relevant ​content ​to ​attract ​shoppers ​and optimizing ​your ​website ​for ​a ​better ​mobile ​experience.

Facebook: Don’t ​forget ​your ​mittens ​and ​mobile ​phone ​to ​grow ​your ​business ​this ​holiday ​season:Mobile ​is ​a ​growing ​opportunity ​that ​you ​want ​to ​be ​prepared ​for. ​Join ​Cara ​Lewin, ​from Facebook ​Blueprint, ​to ​learn ​how ​mobile ​can ​help ​your ​business ​increase ​sales ​this ​holiday season.

Constant ​Contact: Email ​all ​the ​way ​to ​your ​best ​holiday ​season ​ever: Find ​out ​how ​to ​create ​a ​quick ​and ​easy ​email ​marketing ​plan ​to ​drive ​sales ​and ​call ​to ​action during ​the ​biggest ​spending ​season ​of ​the ​year.

Square: Get ​Your ​Business ​Ready ​for ​the ​Holidays: The ​leaves ​are ​changing ​and ​the ​wool ​sweaters ​are ​coming ​out ​of ​their ​drawers, ​but ​there’s more ​to ​fall ​than ​the ​warm ​and ​fuzzies. ​The ​big ​December ​holidays ​and ​the ​New ​Year ​will ​be here ​before ​you ​know ​it. ​Join ​Square ​for ​top ​tips ​on ​accepting ​payments ​every ​way ​your customers ​want ​to ​pay, ​maximizing ​your ​analytics ​for ​holiday ​season ​planning, ​and ​using ​gift cards, ​so ​you ​can ​get ​one ​step ​ahead ​of ​your ​competitors ​and ​rake ​in ​those ​holiday ​sales.


All programs of the UGA SBDC are open to the public on a non-discriminatory basis. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance.