Maximum Money


Evaluating a company’s financial health is an essential skill for all business owners. The Maximum Money Series covers the fundamentals of financial analysis, with coaching on reading financial statements . What do the numbers really mean? Find out in this series and learn to develop practical strategies for improving your company’s performance.

Business owners and leaders meet once a week for five weeks and have the opportunity to develop a comprehensive 12 month financial forecast. Other course outcomes include; an introduction to budgeting tools, strategies for improving cash flow and boosting profits. Target audiences are existing business owners and leaders with access to financial statements.

The outcomes of the program include:

  • Strategies for improving cash flow and boosting profits
  • Improve financial analysis skills
  • Strategies for handling cash shortage and/or surplus situations
  • Develop an annual budget for your business

What is the Maximum Series?

The SBDC Maximum Series provides small business owners with the tools and resources they need to develop business strategy and improve performance. The series is a community based learning environment with fast-paced sessions that include outside speakers, interactive exercises and group activities.

By design, the SBDC Maximum Series helps to strengthen relationships with resource partners and participants in the hosting community. Attendees have the opportunity to engage in voluntary, private counseling sessions with an SBDC consultant to discuss participants’ specific business issues and challenges.

The SBDC Maximum Series is offered by request. If your community is looking to grow their businesses and expand their knowledge, contact one of our 17 SBDC office across the state of Georgia for more information.

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