Planning for your business is extremely important. Often, this is called your strategic plan, which is the formalized road map that describes how your company executes the chosen strategy. A plan spells out where an organization is going over the few years and how it’s going to get there.

A strategic plan is a management tool that serves the purpose of helping an organization do a better job, because a plan focuses the energy, resources, and time of everyone in the organization in the same direction.

The plan also helps build your competitive advantage, communicates your strategy to staff, prioritizes your financial needs, provides focus and direction to move from plan to action.

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Writing a Business Plan

Writing a Biz Plan

A customized step by step integrated action plan that is essential to the success of your business.

Cost: $69 | Level: Beginner


STARTSMARTBuild your business to withstand the test of time. SBDC StartSmart™ provides the resources, support, and motivation to put your dream within reach.

Cost: $495 | Level: Beginner


GROWSMARTHelps aligns your vision for your business with the steps to get you there. Create a framework to improve the performance of your business for years to come.

Cost: $895 | Level: Advanced

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