5 Tips for Using Facebook Ads

  • Posted by Macy Thomas
  • On July 13, 2016
As of July 2016, Facebook announced the decline in your organic reach for business page. The main reason for that is because Facebook wants to show users what they want to see from their friends. Facebook has a great handle on what is important to you based on who and what you interact with most […]
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Advertising on Facebook the Niche Way

  • Posted by Ashley Panter
  • On September 2, 2015
Not a day goes by without me getting questions about how to better use social media to help gain new customers and increase sales. In particular, business owners want to use Facebook more efficiently because they use it personally and know that many of their customers use the popular network. Well it’s true; according to a USA Today article, there are 1.39 […]
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Advertising Success Depends on Frequency and Reach

  • Posted by Marketing Intern
  • On March 26, 2015
Picture yourself pushing a shopping cart down the aisles of your favorite grocery store. Perhaps you have a shopping list, perhaps you don’t. As you are pushing the shopping cart there are various factors at work that impact your buying decisions. Pricing is a strong factor. Brand preference of your spouse always counts. There is […]
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Avoid Costly Marketing Mistakes

  • Posted by Liz Overstreet
  • On June 21, 2011
Working with small business owners for many years has shown me it is easy to waste a lot of money on fruitless marketing efforts. I have seen many small business owners spend their advertising dollars based on assumptions they have made without critical evaluation and planning. This approach to marketing usually results in poor sales […]
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