“I want to get a small business loan to start a business”

  • Posted by Kinsey Terry
  • On January 5, 2017
I have been a consultant with the UGA Small Business Development Center for almost 5 years, and I can’t tell you how many times I have heard this statement, or some variation of it. Unfortunately, a lot of these people do not have a good understanding of how to set up a business financially so […]
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2016 Alternative Financing Workshop

  • Posted by Marjory Wooten
  • On July 27, 2016
A financial workshop Alternative Financing will be held in Gainesville for small businesses or new start-ups that seek alternative finance options. Businesses need access to capital to operate and grow their business.  However, traditional loans are not always available nor are they necessarily the best sources for all businesses. This workshop will include a panel […]
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Are you a Grasshopper or an Ant?

  • Posted by Stacy Johnson
  • On July 12, 2016
A favorite of mine is the story of The Grasshopper and The Ant. If you do not recall, the premise of the fable is that the Grasshopper is enjoying the summer day, hopping, chirping and singing away when the Ant passes by, working away, storing food. The Grasshopper asks the Ant why it is working so hard when everything is so easy, foods plentiful, and states that the Ant should be enjoying the sunshine. The Ant replies that he is planning for the winter, by continuing to work when everything was going well. Of course, winter comes and the Ant is well prepared while the Grasshopper is out in the cold, starving. The moral of the story is:
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Business Loan Application Tips Borrowers Can Take to the Bank

  • Posted by Ashley Panter
  • On May 2, 2016
Whether it’s to start, operate, expand or acquire a business, capital is required. Just how much is available, and what it will cost depends on each business’s unique situation and the personal financial position of its ownership. These two factors are so important that they find their way into the starting lineup of every loan application. Borrowers who have a good understanding of […]
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Financial Management Essentials at KSU

  • Posted by Carole Arnold
  • On April 29, 2016
Do you know your numbers?   Evaluating a company’s financial health is an essential skill for all business owners and managers. Designed specifically for small business owners, this evening workshop provides instruction on understanding your company’s financial performance.  Date: Wednesday, July 27, 2016 – 8:ooam to 11:00am Location: KSU Center, 3333 Busbee Drive, Room 401, Kennesaw, GA 30144 Cost: $69.00 Key […]
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