Financial Future Secure for Ellijay Family Orchard

  • Posted by Ashley Panter
  • On May 30, 2018
Ellijay farmer John Reece can see the house he grew up in from the Apple House at his Ellijay business, BJ Reece Orchards. John and his wife Rachel have grown the business his father started with 30 acres into a popular 130-acre agribusiness attraction known for its “world-famous” fried apple pies, so named by their […]
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Strategic Planning Tools for Sustainable Success | April 10th |

  • Posted by Susan White
  • On March 7, 2018
 “If you fail to plan, then you plan to fail.”  It’s no wonder why many small businesses still struggle to grow, considering these statistics:    95% of a typical workforce doesn’t understand its organization’s strategy   90% of organizations fail to execute their strategies successfully  86% of executive teams spend less than one hour per […]
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Five-Step Operating Plan for the New Year

  • Posted by Molly Knight
  • On December 20, 2017
In December many businesses find themselves busy with year-end sales and shipments, holiday parties, tax and inventory considerations, and many other priorities. Finding a little time to plan for the New Year can put you in control in 2018. Create an operating plan now to map out the priorities for 2018. Many small business owners […]
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Careful Planning Gives Award-Winning Savannah Dessert Bar Owners Room to Expand

  • Posted by Ashley Panter
  • On May 15, 2017
From their beginning, Janine Finn and Rebecca Radovich had the right ingredients for a successful dessert enterprise, mixing Finn’s solid business experience with Radovich’s creative food and catering expertise. Starting small with an online cake business in 2006, the business partners quickly decided to sell their confections out of a storefront in downtown Savannah. “We […]
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How to Choose the Best Suppliers for Your Business

  • Posted by Emily Ambrose
  • On May 3, 2017
When you think about your business and its success, are you also thinking about who your suppliers will be and what part they will play in the success of your business? If you aren’t, then you should be. In a successful business, the bottom line is sales. The right suppliers play an important part in […]
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A Time to Prepare…

  • Posted by Mark Lupo
  • On November 22, 2016
As we enter this holiday season, preparing your family, your business, for the unexpected might not exactly be top of mind.  This time of year traditionally brings with it thoughts of the holidays, festive gatherings with family and friends, celebrations, and gift buying.  The holiday season doesn’t normally stimulate one to think, ‘What if…’ for emergency […]
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3 Pinch Points That Can Stress Your Business

  • Posted by Saundra Phillips
  • On October 3, 2016
Most every business has areas that impact your ability to deliver products and services efficiently as you grow and demand increases. Watch how your business flows on especially busy days or periods. This demand stresses your traditional business model.
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2016 Financial Management Essentials – Savannah

  • Posted by Liz Overstreet
  • On July 8, 2016
Do you know your numbers? Evaluating a company’s financial health is an essential skill for all business owners and managers. Designed specifically for small business owners, this workshop provides instruction on understanding your company’s financial performance. Date: Thursday, November 3, 2016 – 9am to 12pm Location: Savannah Technical College, 5717 White Bluff Rd., Rm. #7126, Savannah, GA 31405 Cost: $69.00 […]
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