The Tarkenton Certificate in Entrepreneurship gives you the power to make your own way. It’s a comprehensive program that delivers the knowledge and tools you need to start or accelerate your business. Combining the educational expertise of the University of Georgia Terry College of Business faculty with the entrepreneurial legacy of the Tarkenton Institute, the program teaches not only business skills but also entrepreneurial thinking. Our Program includes 100 hours of video lectures and hands-on practical assignments to prepare you for the world of entrepreneurship.

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Module 1: Principles of Entrepreneurship

  • Introduction to Entrepreneurship

Module 2: Planning Your Venture

  • Developing a Concept for a New Business
  • Beginnings of a Good Plan
  • The Business Plan Narrative
  • Planning for Predictable Revenue
  • Management
  • Leadership

Module 3: Funding Your Venture

  • The Business Plan: Financials
  • ​Finding the Funds

Module 4: Customer Acquisition

  • Website Basics
  • Digital Marketing
  • Sales Activities
  • Customer Focus

Module 5: Financial and Legal

  • Banking Services
  • Keeping the Books
  • Dealing with Legal Counsel

Module 6: Operations

  • Human Resources
  • Insurance and Risk Management
  • Government Regulation
  • Information Technology

Tarkenton Certificate in Entrepreneurship