Vision 2020


Vision 2020 Series

It’s the New Year and time to get your business in line with your vision. Perfect your business image and direction with us for the Vision2020 Series! SBDC Consultants and industry experts will share best practices for growing your business. This series is designed for the entrepreneur who is short on time but is ready for the next step. Join us for the entire series of Vision 2020 for essential 2-hour courses designed to help your business grow to new heights!

Location: UGA SBDC DeKalb, 1st Floor Training Room, 2296 Henderson Mill Road, Atlanta Dekalb, GA 30345.

Cost: $49 (per class)


Strategic Planning

Join us for this mini-SWOT analysis as SBDC DeKalb Consultant Mark Collier walks you through the exercise of finding out your strategic position in the new year. Prepare yourself and your company for success!

Strategic Marketing

If last year’s marketing plan felt like a “a big swing and miss,” this class is for you! Area Director Ruby Riesinger will lead you through marketing activities that should help define who you are, speak directly to your target market, and edge you ahead of your competitors.

Strategic Accounting

Tax laws change frequently and there is no room for error. This 2-hour course features essential accounting best practices and tax tips that will prepare your business for the new tax season and could even potentially save you money! Join us and take the fear out of taxes.

Strategic Social Media

Today, your business has to have a strong social media presence. There are different social media platforms, but which one fits your needs? Which one has your target audience? At Strategic Social Media, you will learn best practices for each platform and focus which one best works for you.

Upcoming Courses

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All programs of the UGA SBDC are open to the public on a non-discriminatory basis. Reasonable accommodations for persons with disabilities will be made if requested at least two weeks in advance.