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Grow: As a small business owner, it is easy to see only the positive side of having a rapidly growing business. But there are dangers that come with high growth that can ruin your business; sacrificing profitability and cash flow while growing sales can lead to business failure. This seminar helps you learn how to analyze your business and determine strategies for growing the right way, at a pace that won’t harm your growing business.

Manage: Many small business owners do not take the time to truly understand what their business’s numbers mean. But understanding your financial statements is critical to managing growth. Successful small business owners analyze and use their numbers to plan, manage and grow their businesses. This seminar will take the mystery out of your business’s financial statements and show you how to make your numbers work for you.

Fund: Growing businesses often require outside funding to achieve successful, profitable growth. This seminar will help you foresee potential cash shortfalls that typically occur with high growth businesses, prepare to approach potential funding sources and improve your chances to acquire the funding you need. The seminar will help you understand how different funding sources evaluate funding requests and what you need to do to prepare yourself and your business to seek funding.

COST: $149.00

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GROWSMARTHelps aligns your vision for your business with the steps to get you there. Create a framework to improve the performance of your business for years to come.

Cost: $895 | Level: Advanced

Managing by the Numbers

Managing by the Numbers

This two-hour workshop presents a practical approach to understanding financial information.

Cost: $69 | Level: Beginner

Financing a Business

Financing a BizThis workshop will show you how to finance a start-up or growing business and how to prepare a winning package for any type of financial assistance.

Cost: $69 | Level: Beginner

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